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Australia is producing some of the best cheese in the world, and we are proud to be able to bring it to you in the USA.

The cheese is not cheap, but given the quality, it delivers value. The cheese we select for the Sinfully Australian Gourmet Cheese Collection is all natural products that are produced by dedicated cheesemakers from milk that is derived from free range, naturally grazing animals. The moderate climate and wide open spaces of Australia enable a dairy industry that is based on natural grazing, not hand fed animals contained in small areas.

Australian dairy products are growth hormone free, and tend to be very creamy and relatively low acid. The products we import are made by artisinal and farmhouse cheese operations, and are generally small production cheeses.

One does need to be mindful of the fact that because the animals are naturally grazed, milk production is affected by the seasons, and this is reflected in the cheese. It is normal, and in fact, to be expected, for there to be significant variations in the cheese - like good wine, this is part of the experience.

All of the cheese is airfreighted in, and we maintain strict quality control to ensure that it is in prime condition when it reaches you. Although this adds to the cost, we believe that these cheeses are well worth the extra effort and cost.

At present, The Sinfully Australian Cheese Collection includes:

  Ashgrove Farms


  Traditional cows milk cheddars with a new world twist

  Fresco Cheese


  Marscapone and fresh Italian style cheese

  Jindi Cheese


  Award winning white mould cows milk cheese

  Meredith Dairy


  Goat and Sheep milk cheese

  Mt Emu Creek Dairy


  Sheep milk cheese

  Shaw River Dairy


  Buffalo milk yogurt and cheese

  Tarago River Cheese


  Cows' milk blue and white mould cheese

  Yarra Valley Dairy


  Cow and sheep milk feta and fresh cheese