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Think blue cheese, then think Tarago River Cheese company. This Australian company produces some of the best blue cheese in the world. Don't take our word for it, you really need to try these cheeses. Not to say that is all they produce - their washed rind and triple cream cheeses are also world class.

The dairy is located high on a hill looking down on the beautiful Tarago River in Victoria's Gippsland. Although it is only a short drive from the center of Melbourne, Tarago River is a world away, with green rolling hills bordering on rainforests in the foothills of Mount Baw Baw. Jindivick, home of the world famous Jindi brie and other white mould cheeses is just around the corner.

Since its inception in 1982, Tarago River Cheese Company has sourced its milk from its own herd of 400 Friesian cows. More recently, this milk has been supplemented by rich Jersey milk from adjoining farms. A family owned and run company, it is a joint venture between the Jensen and Johnson families. Like all of the Australian artisan and farmhouse cheese operations, the cows graze naturally on the surrounding hills.

Some consider the Tarago River Gippsland Blueto be the dairy's signature cheese, and it certainly is a wonderful creamy blue. It is naturally rinded, and its chalky curds mature to a soft runny texture. The natural yeast rind allows the cheese to breathe and develop softly astringent flavor as it ages.  

For a more intense and robust blue, the Tarago River Blue Orchid is the choice. Matured in wax to retain moisture, it has significant blue veining throughout. Slightly bitter when young, it develops a wonderfully sweet flavor as it matures. 

On the other end of the blue spectrum is the Tarago River Shadows of Blue. This blue is a rich double cream blue vein cheese (some of us think it is best described as blue vein butter), it is ideal for new blue cheese tasters, yet also appealing to blue cheese lovers. 

Our own personal favorite though, is the Tarago River Strezlecki Blue, a natural rind blue veined goat milk cheese. This cheese has won grand champion at the Australian cheese awards, and is rich yet tangy and a unique flavor range. Wonderful sliced up in a bowl of organic greens from the local farmers' market, or just great on its own with crackers. 

For those who love pungent (some would say, stinky) cheese, we highly recommend the Tarago River Jensen's Red. This wash rind cheese is a beautiful dark cream color, rich and soft and creamy wrapped in a moist orange rind that is the result of brushing the rind with a light brine solution containing brevi bacterium while it matures. Properly handled, this cheese will mature well and continue to develop complex flavors well past its recommended best by date.