artisinal  &  farmhouse  cheese
Jindi Cheese, Victoria






The picture to the left shows Jindi Brie being proclaimed as the world champion soft cheese at the 2002 International Cheese competition. This is truly a world champion cheese producer.

The usual first reaction we get when we show Jindi white mould cheeses is that there are so many good European white mould cheeses, why would anyone spend the extra money for Jindi's white mould cheeses from Australia (yes, it is not cheap). But then they taste the cheese, and it becomes clear - Jindi's cheeses are so rich, creamy and flavorful. 

Jindi makes their cheese in the small town of Jindivick in the beautiful Gippsland area of Victoria (just down the road from Tarago River Dairy). The area is long renowned for its contented cows grazing in lush fields in its rolling hills. Jindi take the creamy milk from their own Jersey herd and surrounding farms to carefully craft the creamiest white mould cheese you will ever taste.

Apart from the world recognized Jindi Brie (in 1kg/2.2lb or 3kg/6.6lb wheels), there is the Jindi Camembert (1kg/2.2lb or 200g/7.02oz wheels), which also has a higher butterfat content that traditional Camembert, and the super creamy Jindi Triple Cream (1.7kg/3.75lb logs) and Jindi Supreme (170g/6oz half wheels). The lush soft buttery cheese will just melt in your mouth.

Excellent on their own, they also combine well with fruit or a dab of  Tathra Beach Fig Jam.