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Ashgrove Farms - Tasmania

Chief cheesemaker, Jane Bennett, learnt her craft in Somerset, England, and uses those traditional methods to produce premium cheddars from the milk produced on the family farm. But she has taken these skills to a whole new level by incorporating unique flavors that reflect Australia's own food heritage. 

All the cheese produced at Ashgrove is hand made in open vats using traditional  techniques. Traditional "cheddaring" involves turning and piling the slabs of drained curd every 5 minutes for an hour. Producing Cheddar cheese this way is very hard work and requires a fit and dedicated workforce

Inspired by the high grade wasabi grown down the road, she spent several years perfecting her Wild Wasabi Cheddar - a unique blend of traditional English cheddar and traditional Japanese wasabi flavor. A true fusion of east and west that works. This cheese has become a favorite with both our team and our customers.

If you don't think the Wasabi cheddar has enough heat to it, then highly recommended is the Red Chili Cheddar - we guarantee that you will feel the heat. 

Jane has continued the fusion theme with Bush Pepper Cheddar. A blend of crushed leaves and whole berries from the Tasmanian native pepper (the tree grows wild in wilderness areas of Tasmania) are added to a Lancashire cheese base, giving a wild spicy flavor to the cheese. because of the Lancashire base the cheese melts well, and is a wonderful addition to soups, sauces and other dishes. Not to say that it isn't excellent on its own - it is!

Continuing the Australian theme, we also highly recommend Outback Red, a club cheddar that has been blended with Australian macadamia nuts (yes, macadamia nuts are a native of Australia, not Hawaii) and native bush tomatoes from the Australian outback. This cheese reflects the colors and flavors of the Australian Outback.

In the Australian theme, also recommended is the Tasmanian Hardwood Smoked Cheddar, a rich nutty cheese that has been naturally smoked using native Tasmanian hardwoods.

The latest addition to the fusion theme is the Cumin Seed Cheddar, which brings together traditional English cheese and the traditional flavors of India.

On the traditional side, Ashgrove also produces a Lavender Cheddar (there are extensive lavender fields in the area), and a lovely sharp Cloth Matured Cheddar.

All Ashgrove cheeses are made by hand using non-animal rennet and are all natural. Only milk from the family's own herd of fresians is used.