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Yarra Valley Dairy, Victoria

Yarra Valley Dairy is located in the heart of the beautiful wine district, the Yarra Valley, 50km (30 miles) east of Melbourne, Victoria. 

Mary and Leo Mooney may have started out making fresh cheese from milk left over from their "farm cow", but the dairy has developed into one of the best fresh cheese producers in Australia. 

Yarra Valley Dairy's flagship cheese is the Yarra Valley Dairy Persian Feta , a wonderful soft and creamy cows milk feta packaged in a unique can. Pop the lid, and savor this wonderful feta, hand made and marinated in an infusion of pure olive oil and Australian herbs and spices. This unique cheese is made by first placing the cheese in brine for at least two weeks in order to develop flavor and texture before being washed to remove excess salt and marinated in olive oil and herbs. Yarra Valley Persian Feta has won a number of awards, including a gold medal at the London World Cheese Awards.

Watch for future developments, because we are working on bringing into the US some of their other exciting fresh cheeses.