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Meredith Dairy, Victoria
Meredith Dairy produces true traditional farmhouse sheep and goats milk cheese of world class quality. Located on the eastern edge of Victoria's western district, it is a traditional farmhouse operation. Sandy Cameron, a veterinarian by background, tends the farm's sheep and goat herds, while wife Julie makes the cheese using traditional French inspired methods. The family has worked the farm since 1924. As with all of our dairies, the flocks are free range and graze naturally in the fields.

Highly sought after is their Marinated Goats Cheese, luscious soft textured goats cheese drenched in garlic and herb infused extra virgin olive oil. Packaged in attractive 325ml/10.99oz glass jars, they make an attractive and unique gift item (also available in 2kg/4.41lb tubs).

Of equally high quality is their Meredith Blue, a relatively soft pungent, but not sharp, sheep milk blue made from pure sheep milk from the family farm. Another beautiful sheep milk product is the Meredith Woodburne Camembert, a delicate white mould sheep milk product that is, unfortunately, only available in the USA on a special order basis (due to its delicate nature). 

Also available only on a limited basis in the USA are the Meredith Ashed Chevre Pyramids. These delicate pyramids of fresh goat chevre are soft and creamy with a delicate and distinctive palate. Unfortunately, their short shelf life limits their commercial availability, although properly stored they will develop a unique character as they age. As an excellent alternative, we do recommend the Meredith Farm Chevre, which is vacuum packed to preserve freshness (1kg/2.2lb logs), and has a significantly longer shelf life. Although not as delicate as the Pyramids, it is nevertheless a superb chevre with a distinctive flavor. 

Also highly recommended is the Meredith Caprini, an aged, thimble shaped (100g/3.53oz) goat cheese with a firm texture and relatively soft piquancy. Properly handled, these also age beautifully, and make a wonderful compliment to red wine.

Meredith has, quite deservedly, won numerous awards for their cheese, and we are certain that you will agree once you try them.